Tuesday, November 29, 2005

November 29, 2005

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday Brendan and Kaelin! Happy birthday to you!"

It's hard to believe the Mylar twins are one year old today! I just love those babies.

I'm trying fast and furiously to get the past three weeks all into a couple of posts. Hopefully there will not be daily entries into this blog, or we'll be here for eternity.

We returned from our Thanksgiving holiday on Sunday, November 27. We had a great time! We left on Wednesday for Yoakum where we spent Thanksgiving Day with Todd's parents, Jill and her boyfriend Tom. It was lots of fun, with much time spent by Devin looking at the coupe and the hot rod. I think he and Grandpa spent more time out in the garage than they did in the house!

Thanksgiving day gave us a little scare, when I woke up that morning with some spotting. I called my doctor and the on-call nurse gave me a call back. She said it was something that they see a lot of in the first trimester and to not be too worried about it. "Just take it easy and don't push yourself." Well...if there is one thing I'm good at, it's relaxing! Dorothy made sure of it, too. I wasn't allowed to lift a finger and even got in a good two hour nap that afternoon! Now that's what I call a good Thanksgiving!

ZZ picked me up on Friday and she and I (along with the four Mylar kids) drove to Houston to see my Aunt Peggy from Kentucky and the rest of the family. Todd and Devin stayed in Yoakum and I missed them so much!

While in Houston, we did a lot of lying around, doing nothing. Again, my favorite pastime.

Thankfully, the spotting stopped about as quickly as it started and I have been able to resume normal activities again. I'm working my usual 8a - 12p schedule and spending quality time with the munchkin in the afternoons. Life is good.

Todd and I made the difficult decision to leave LifeTeen, the high school youth program we've worked with for three-and-a-half years. It was a tough decision, but one that was necessary. We've had so many big changes in our lives in the past few years that have slowly been giving us less and less time to devote to the ministry. It's not fair to the teens if we can't give 100% and because we can't, we've stepped down. We'll miss it so much. This weekend will be our last LifeNight and more than a few tears have been shed over it.

Okay -- I think I'm pretty well caught up now. As things progress, I'll write more!


Monday, November 28, 2005

November 28, 2005

I have been considering keeping a blog of my pregnancy since we found out about our addition-to-come on November 7, 2005. It wasn't until Travis Beach was born, though, that I realized just how fun this could be! Only days after his birth, I got to go in, see life in the Beach house in the days prior to Travis' arrival and hear all about Travis' Apgar test, first bath, first meal, trip home, etc... I thought, "I'd better get off my butt and do this!"

I wish I had done this when I was pregnant with Devin. Can I make an excuse that blogs weren't around then, even though it was only three years ago? Let's go with that...

As I said before, we found out that we are pregnant on November 7, 2005. I was "late" as of the day before (Sunday) when we were traveling back to San Antonio from visiting Todd's sister, Jill, in Ames, Iowa. I was feeling out of sorts and even commented to Todd that I couldn't understand why I was so tired. Real-life foreshadowing, it seems.

I left work at noon on the 7th, and went to buy some dental floss. While I was there, I decided to pick up a pregnancy test -- just in case. I went home and took it. I couldn't believe my eyes. In fact, I was in such disbelief that I ran out and bought another one. PREGNANT? Are you kidding me? How did this happen???

Okay, I know how it happened. We won't go into that.

So that set everything in motion. We were going to have another baby. Ready or not, here she (or he) comes.

I wrapped up the positive pregnancy test (the first one I took) and put a note on the brightly colored box that said, "To Daddy with love from both of us." Todd saw it on the kitchen table when he got home from work and I said, "That's for you." He opened it and said, "What the heck is this... ARE YOU PREGNANT???" All I could do was nod.

There is still a lot to cover from the past few weeks, including the just-passed Thanksgiving holiday. But I'll save all of that for a later post. No need to bore you all with the details all at once!