Monday, May 11, 2009

Gratuitous Mother's Day Post

As a mom, it's my duty to document all of my Mother's Day activities and top the post off with a zillion photos of my kids. And so, I'm going to do just that.

I got to sleep in yesterday, and was awoken around 9:00 by Todd who said, "Breakfast is waiting!" I went into the kitchen to find my favorite breakfast waiting for me -- Eggs Benedict with lump crab meat and Mimosas. YUM!

All five of us ate breakfast (yes! My kids eat Hollandaise sauce!) together and then hung around in our jammies, watching movies and playing.

Around 11:00, we packed up our cooler with lots of goodies and headed to our neighborhood pool. At first, there weren't many people there, but as the afternoon moved forward, more and more friends began to show up. Our across-the-street neighbors, our next-door neighbors, the neighbors behind us, the ones up the street. Pretty soon it was a party atmosphere, with the kids splashing around, the dads doing cannonballs and the moms enjoying some yummy peach and mango bellinis. It was paradise!

We all became hungry and realized it was pretty late, but instead of packing it in, we just ordered pizza to the pool! It was delivered and we all feasted on a Texas tradition, Double Dave's Pizza. Yum!

By the time we'd eaten, had let it settle and had taken a final dip in the pool, it was 6:00! We'd been there for SEVEN HOURS! Holy cow!

We brought three very tired kiddos home and they all fell asleep within minutes and slept a good 12 or 13 hours each. They were exhausted and so were we!

It was a fantastic mother's day, with much to celebrate. I am honored to be a mommy to this incredible family.

And now, without further are the pictures of my kids that we had taken a few weeks ago. Major Pruetz-kid overload!

Faith is in pink, Grace is in Green

Pretending to like one another :)

This one would have worked better if they had been dressed in the same colors...but you get the picture (pun not intended)

My little boy is getting so big

My three part-time angels

Love these kiddos


Casey's trio said...

Happy Mother's day to you! Sounds like a fabulous day:) Kiddos are adorable!

angie said...

Happy Mother's Day. I can't believe how big and beautiful the kids are.